These systems make it possible to monitor the heat, the time, the first closure, the second closure and the profiles during roasting of the coffee by means of various sensors.

Some models can optionally save roast profiles and automatically apply them to another roast.

Digital applıcatıons used in roasting technology

Digital applications are used in the stages of coffee production according to the needs of users and production facilities.

The quality processes of the coffee produced by these applications, the production of major productions, the stages between the return of the product and its packaging, etc. can be tracked and controlled.

Coffee roasters also have many digital applications. These can be simple applications controlling basic operations, as well as advanced applications providing detailed roasting control and using denser technologies.

Today, the standard manual machines for controlling the temperature of the drum, controlling the hot air, adjusting the burner flame, adjusting the time, monitoring the coffee setting profile, operating alarms are provided by numerically controlled devices.

In advanced applications, all stages of the coffee roasting process (weighing green coffee, loading into the drum, profiling, profile application, emptying the drum, cooling, pouring the cooled coffee to the coffee silos or errors, etc.) are controlled and executed by digital applications.